Indonesia – my fortune

IMG_20151116_101837_1447644812711All of us are different. All of us strive. All of us search and all of us want the same.

To be safe. To be healthy, content and last but not least to be happy.

At the same time, we must admit, that on many levels and from many points of view – we all are very different. Those were just theories to me, until I got this life changing chance to travel and live in Indonesia.

Let me tell you a story. My story. I want to get it short. I really do not like long stories.

I was born in a country where most of people are pretty much the same. White faces, one Slavic culture, one language, same customs, traditions, mostly the same religion with a little let’s say, superficial derivations. (I mean, in comparison with Indonesia where sometimes few totally opposite religions face each other, I let myself call those differences as superficial). My country is really small.

As the life flew and I was flying with him, or maybe I was the life itself who flew, who knows? I started to explore. I found out, that the world is not only my crib and after all not only my room, neither playground behind my house. Not even my school or my grandmothers garden but also my city, my country and I did not finish only with that.

Let´s call it hunger. Hunger for knowledge, hunger for experience, hunger for life. I am like that. Can´t help myself. I have never enough. So as the life was flowing I flew within him with endless exploration of continents, islands, cities, natures, mountains, rivers and so on and so on.

Now here I am. Living in Indonesia, which is maybe dozen times bigger than my country – my homeland. Nevertheless, I call it now my home. Mainly from this simple reason:  I do perceive home as a place where your story begins. After, you carry it in your heart. As far as I became to conclusion that home is only real when you feel home within yourself.

I had this amazing gift from a God above us, however, you might call him many different names, I really do not mind. Can be Allah, Shiva, can be Jesus or simply The Consciousness or Holy Majesty. I do not care. For me the easiest way is to call him/her God. He gave me these gifts of physical and mental health, he granted me with the mind, two hands, some talents and last but not least he gave me a hope for better tomorrows.

Somehow, I cannot remember what he/her had told me as his, farewell wish, for my Journey here on Earth, because I was really small but I have a slight memory it was something like:

Live before you die.

               So I try. I really do. Sometimes it is hard but I do my best. With these mental health propositions – I started to ask certain questions and those questions transformed later to contemplations. Contemplations about, ,,The Life,,.

Although sincerely? One day – I believe for no questions and just a quiet mind. That did not come yet so far. Frankly – I do not mind, I am patient and I am only here to learn how to love, more and more each day, how to accept myself and the world around and within just the way they are, right now.

I used to ask questions like: What is love? What is truth? Where is God? What are all religions about? Who am I?

Well – stupid questions – but I have no reason to hide them or to lie. I mean – who in this world give a slight fu*k about those topics? There are other more important things such as what to eat, how to look or how to be successful and earn lots and lots of money. Right?

IMG_20150909_182125Indonesia has happened to me as an amazing sequence of secret language of Omens – as Coelho would have said in his book of Alchemist. It all happened as a cluster of golden opportunities, magic of synchronicities, anti-rules of sacred coincidences – as though it seemed as the Life itself wanted me to be there. Pardon me to call it so poetically but as I perceive it, simply – Indonesia has happened to me.

As time passed and I was growing up, naturally, I created myself a vision of how the world runs. For that reason, I quit my job. First – because I felt like I was in the prison and second I did not really understand a point of doing my work. I started my own business which had fulfilled me and still does.

IMG_20150903_184427~2Slowly, after few travels, few relationships, my central life motto became: One in many, all in one, and guess what? Few years later I appear in a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, which main motto is: ,,Unity in diversity,,.

I have travelled many, many places, better of said continents, but Indonesia had truly changed my life and the way how I perceived the world, myself and others too.


Thought me how to love and how to accept differences with respect and tolerance, showed me humbleness, simplicity and happiness. I saw satisfaction and contentment in the face of a person without shoes, walking with the stock of straw bigger than he was. I saw hope through the eyes of parents taking care about their sick child with such a compassion. I used to think that my country was generous, but since I arrived in Indonesia I have been a witness of generosity and hospitality that I haven’t seen before.

Sometimes they give even when they do not have. They cheer you up while you cry about your money and they never complain that they have just enough to survive. Therefore, I cancelled the word ,,complain,,, from my mind.

I am not saying that Indonesia is a poor country in the sense of material wealth.  Do not get me wrong! There are also rich people living the same standards as we are. Many of them. But I saw more contentment, I found more to learn about harmony, love and peace of a mind, in the authenticity of native people – or as they proudly call themselves: Orang di Indonesia. Not to mention richness in a culture which left me in pure astonishment and inspired me in many ways.

I feel honored and my heart is full of gratitude because I couldn’t understand the practical side of my life´s motto until I came to Indonesia. I also understand it is an everyday act of will and practice until you truly understand that there is no difference between you and other person.

 ,,One in many and all in one,, is for me ,,Unity in a Diversity,,.

I wish that many younger people get the opportunity to come to this beautiful country and learn about love, compassion and respect for the others – regardless of color, religion or nationality.

We are all one!